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    BZL-P423-BLK    Replacement Black Bezel For P423(B) & P424(B)  
    CA401    PCMCIA to Secure Digital, Multi Media, Memory Stick or Smart Media storage cards
    CBL-P313-1M    Set of two, 1-meter, 40-pin ribbon cables for the P313/P423/P424  
    CBL-P424-2M    Set Of four, 2-meter, 40-pin ribbon cables for the P424  
    P111    PCI-to-CardBus/PCMCIA/PC-Card Adapter, 1-slot, Texas Instruments PCI1410 Chipset
    P222-Ricoh    PCI to CardBus PCMCIA type 1/2/3 Dual Slot Card, Ricoh R5C486 Controller  
    P222-TI1520    PCI-to-CardBus/PCMCIA/PC-Card Adapter, 2 slots, Texas Instruments PCI1520 Chipset
    P311    Low-Profile PCI-to-CardBus/PCMCIA/PC-Card Adapter, 1 Rear Slot, Universal
    P312    Single Rear Slot Universal Low-Profile PCI to Compact Flash Adapter
    P313B    Single Front Slot Universal Low-Profile PCI to PCMCIA Adapter, Black Bezel
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