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    TP-C50H    Coupling cable for HS5 series  
    TP-C812A    Measurement Lead for HandyScope DSOs  
    TP-C812B    Measurement Lead for HandyScope DSOs  
    TP-COP750    Coil-on-Plug Probe  
    TP-DA10 MOD    TP-DA10 Attenuator, modified for use with HS5 series  
    TP-DA10-HS4-DIFF    Differential Attenuator for HS4-DIFF  
    TP-FHP400    FHP 400  
    TP-IP250-Set    Ignition Pickup Set  
    TP-MS-CON3-TRIG-BNC    Master/Slave cable with external trigger BNC for 3 HandyScope HS3/HS4  
    TP-RFS400    Diesel Return Flow Sensor  
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