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    Acute TL4234B    Acute 2GHz, 34 Channel, TravelLogic Series Protocol & Logic Analyzer With 8Gb Memory
    Acute TLxx34-Kit    Extra set of all included accessories for TravelLogic Series  
    CB40D185XNFA    Signal-Line Lead Cable, 40-pins, only for TravelLogic 3K series (extra/replacement)  
    CB40M185XNAA    Signal-Line Lead Cable, 40-pins, only for TravelLogic (extra/replacement)  
    CBS16AXXAA    1x16 rainbow cable for all LA & PkLA models  
    DP Aux Diff signal a    DP Aux Differential signal adaptor  
    GB3ST40X1NAA    Grippers, x40, multi-color (extra/replacement)  
    LA-Gold-16    16-channel, 1GHz, 1Mb/ch USB Logic Analyzer plus 8-channel Pattern Generator
    LA-Logic-16    16 Channels, 200MHz, 1 M samples/channel buffer USB Logic Analyzer
    Logic Analyzer Probe    Logic Analyzer probe for Acute BF7000 Series, 34-Channel  
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