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Lacquered Digital I/O board, 64 optically isolated I/O channels, 24V
  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • 32 digital input channels, 24V, incl. 16 interruptible
  • 32 digital output channels, 24V, 500 mA / channel
  • Optical isolation 1000V
  • Input and output filters
  • Watchdog, timer
  • After power/ON the outputs are reset to 0

    32 bit, 33 MHz, PCI interface
    Input channels
    32 isolated digital input channels, 24 V, incl. 16 interruptible and 3 fast counter inputs
    Input channels organised in 4 groups of 8 channels, each group has its own ground line
    Voltage reversal protection
    All inputs are filtered
    Output channels
    32 isolated digital output channels, 10 to 36 V
    Output current per channel 500 mA
    Watchdog for resetting the outputs to "0"
    After power/ON the outputs are reset to 0
    Short-circuit current for 16 outputs ~ 3 A
    Short-circuit current for 32 outputs ~ 6 A
    Short-circuit current per output ~1.5 A
    Electronic fuse
    Overtemperature and overvoltage protection
    24 V power outputs with protection diodes and filters
    Special output capacitors minimise electromagnetic emissions
    External 24 V supply screened through a protection circuitry
    Shutdown logic when the external supply voltage drops unter 5 V
    Safety features
    Optical isolation 1000 V
    Creeping distance: 3.2 mm acc. to DIN VDE 0411-100
    Protection against fast transients (burst), overvoltage, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI
    Interrupt triggered through watchdog, counter, timer, error
    Separate grounds for input and output channels
    Noise immunity
    Test level:
    ESD: 4 kV
    Fields: 10 V/m
    Burst: 4 kV
    Cond. radio interferences: 10

Program / Software Information
    A CD-ROM with the following software and programming examples is supplied with the board.
    Go to download table
    Standard drivers for: Real-time drivers for Windows XP/2000/NT/98

    The board is supplied with the universal software ADDIPACK.
    Drivers for the following application software:
    LabVIEW 5.01
    Samples for the following compilers:
    Microsoft VC++ 5.0
    Borland C++ 5.01
    Visual Basic 5.0
    Delphi 4 (except timer function)
    On request:
    LabWindows/CVI 5.01
    ADDIPACK functions supported:
    Digital input
    Digital output Interrupt
    In preparation: Drivers for Linux kernel version 2.4.2

    Manuals, software, data sheets, etc., are downloadable from:

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