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Acute PG2050-512k-EU
50Channels, 100MHz, 512K samples/channel, Internal/External Data/Pattern Generator
  • 100M bits/s Data Rate
  • 50+12 Channels
  • 10ns resolution
  • 1.5v~5.0v (adjustable 255 Level) Output Voltage
  • 512k Data/Pattern Depth
  • Special I/O: EPP (printer) + USB2.0 interface + PCI interface included.
  • Default patterns: RS232, Syn/Asyn-Counter, etc.
  • Manual patterns: Direct Draw/Acute-LA/Text, etc.
  • 2 external event input channels and clock pin for varied pattern

    The PG2050 Data/Pattern Generators are a truly sophisticated device with up to 512 Kb memory depth per channel on 50 channels. It plugs into a PC (EPP/Parallel, PCI-Interface, USB) or Laptop (USB only) making it ideal for the on-the-go technician or engineer, hopping from PC to PC or taking with them for diagnosis on the road.
    Now a high-performance, easy to use, Data/Pattern Generator is within reach of every electronics professional and enthusiast.

    PG2050 Potential Use
    You can apply the PG to generate many complex signals for circuit stimulation. The PG is also a good learning tool that assists students to understand digital timing sequence relationships. Tested reports and created waveforms are easily saved for post generation analysis. You can save to a Text file for your further analysis. You can also save to a bitmap (BMP) file for comparison with other waveforms, or email it to others for additional analysis or presentation.

Program / Software Information
    The PG has one of the best Windows User interfaces. The PG-editor can run in almost all Windows operating systems (Win98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10). The multi-thread feature allows your tested object to work with the PG at the same time on the same PC.

Detailed Data Sheet
    Download Acute PG2050-512k-EU Data Sheet

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PDF Manual
    Download Acute PG2050-512k-EU Manual

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