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DC-to-250MHz 1:10 Oscilloscope Probe Kit (HP-9250)
  • Up to 250MHz
  • Includes a handy storage pouch and includes an IC test-hook adapter for the probe.
  • The BNC connector rotates to avoid cable tangle or kink.
  • Cable length is 1.4 meters.

    x10 POSITION
    Bandwidth: DC~250MHz
    Input Capacitance: Nominal 27pF
    Compensation Range: 20pF~45pF
    Attenuation Ratio: 10:1
    Input Resistance: 10MW(9MW probe +1MW scope)

    REF POSITION: Probe tip grounded via 9MW resistor, scope input grounded

    Bandwidth: DC~6MHz
    Input Capacitance: 170pF
    Attenuation Ratio: 1:1
    Input Resistance: Same as scope
    Max Input Voltage: 600V(DC+peakAC)
    Cable Length: 1.4 Meter

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    PRB-HP-9250 DC-to-250MHz 1:10 Oscilloscope Probe Kit (HP-9250) $ 35.00