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Motion Control Board, PCI
  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • Axis control for 1 servo or stepper motor
  • Onboard processor
  • Optical isolation
  • 16-bit analog output channels
  • Direct connection of commercially available incremental encoders or SSI absolute encoders
  • Possibility of extension to a total of 8 axes
  • Menu-driven test application
  • Intelligent board based on a 64-bit RISC-processor
  • Positioning of 1 axes either with servo or stepping motors.
  • for commercially available power amplifiers
  • Linear, circular, helical, spline and CAD interpolation
  • Point to point movement with independent control of each axis
  • All inputs and outputs optically isolated
  • Multiple axis system possible through cascading
  • Gray code operating user interface
  • Table interpolation
  • Scanner functions for measurement tasks
  • Programming through PC application or stand-alone program


    OPMF-DIO: 8 digital intpus and 4 digital outputs, isolated.

    OPT.INTERBUS-8001: Master connection of the APCI-8001

    FB-INTERBUS: Ribbon cable between OPMF and 9-pin SUB-D male connector with bracket for external INTERBUS connection.

    OPT.CAN-8001: CAN bus connection of the APCI-8001 (no CAN Open).

    Find more detailed information about the OPMF options either in an information sheet (pdf) or in the options manual (pdf) at:


    (Connection example: See data sheet - pdf) at:

    FB-CAN: Ribbon cable between OPMF and 9-pin SUB-D female connector with bracket for connecting external INTERBUS.

    FB RELAY: For the release of the relays Standard: 9-pin cable with bracket - more than 3 axes: 25-pin cable.

    PX8000: Terminal board with screw terminals with housing for DIN rail

    ST8001: Cable for connecting the APCI-8001 and OPMF, 50-pin

    FB RELAY_9: Ribbon cable for relase relays: 9-pin SUB-D connector

Program / Software Information
    Gray code operating user interface.
    Table interpolation.
    Scanner functions for measurement tasks.
    Programming through PC application or stand-alone program.

    Numerous drivers and example software for several operating systems and applications are available for downloading from:

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