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Digital I/O board, 64 optically isolated digital I/O channels,, 5V
  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • 32 digital input channels, 5V, incl. 16 interruptible
  • 32 digital output channels, 5V, 500 mA / channel
  • Optical isolation 1000V
  • Input and output filters
  • Watchdog, timer
  • After power/ON the outputs are reset to 0

    2 digital inputs, 24V (5V optional), isolated, incl. 16 interruptible and 3 as 32-bit counter inputs
    32 digital outputs, 24V (5V optional), isolated, 10 to 36 V, 500 mA/channel
    Optical isolation 1000 V
    Watchdog for resetting the outputs to "0"
    Protection against fast transients, overvoltage, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI
    Inputs: voltage reversal, input filters
    Outputs protected against short circuit
    On Power ON/Reset all outputs are set to 0.
    Overtemperature and overvoltage protection
    Diagnostic report in case of short circuits, overtemperature, voltage drop ...
    5V power outputs with protection diodes
    Shutdown logic the external supply voltage drops below 5V
    Safety features
    Optical isolation 1000 V
    Creeping distance: 3.2 mm acc. to DIN VDE 0411-100
    Protection against fast transients (burst), overvoltage, electrostatic discharge and high-frequency EMI
    Interrupt triggered through watchdog, counter, timer, error
    Separate grounds for input and output channels
    Noise immunity
    Test level:
    ESD: 4 kV
    Fields: 10 V/m
    Burst: 4 kV
    Cond. radio interferences: 10

Program / Software Information
    A CD-ROM with the following software and programming examples is supplied with the board.
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    Standard drivers for: Real-time drivers for Windows XP/2000/NT/98

    The board is supplied with the universal software ADDIPACK.
    Drivers for the following application software:
    LabVIEW 5.01
    Samples for the following compilers:
    Microsoft VC++ 5.0
    Borland C++ 5.01
    Visual Basic 5.0
    Delphi 4 (except timer function)
    On request:
    LabWindows/CVI 5.01
    ADDIPACK functions supported:
    Digital input
    Digital output Interrupt
    In preparation: Drivers for Linux kernel version 2.4.2

    Manuals, software, data sheets, etc., are downloadable from:

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