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Single Rear Slot Universal ISA plug-in PCMCIA Adapter
  • * Provides a PC Card Slot in a desktop machine using an ISA Bus slot on the motherboard
  • * Particularly suitable for legacy machines without PCI slots available.
  • * Also used in applications where PCI bus is for some reason unsuitable.
  • * Works with ALL 16-bit PCMCIA compliant PC cards.
  • * Supports Type I, II and III sizes.
  • * Easy installation with auto-configuration for standard PC Cards.
  • * Ejector button for safe and smooth removal of cards.

    * High reliability 68 pin PCMCIA compliant,
    * static protected, connectors with card eject buttons are used.
    * Standard Types I, II and III cards,
    * 5V cards supported.
    * Operating temperature range: 0-50 C
    * ISA board dimensions: 150 x 100 x 24mm Host Computer:
    * Any true compatible Pentium PC or higher with ISA Bus.

    The J105 is perfect for use with Wireless LAN cards like WiFi / 802.11b or any of the newly emerging 802.11a or 802.11g standards. It also suits Bluetooth cards or other functions where the ability to occasionally remove the card is important, but where during normal use the rear facing aspect of the slot suits its operation.

    The J105 is also ideal for using any of our range of Comms or DAQ PC-Cards in a legacy desktop or tower.

Program / Software Information
    No driver or software installation required - The hardware is supported by generic operating system supplied drivers in all Microsoft Windows 0perating systems since Windows95 and all current versions of Linux.

    NOTE : SystemSoft "CardSoft 3.1" required for DOS and Windows 3.1

PDF Manual
    Download J105 Manual

    You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.

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