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4 Slot, 3U PXI/compactPCI Chassis

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  • Compliant with PXI Ver 2.0
  • 4U high
  • Three 3U I/O slots available
  • Dual backplane connectors carry all cPCI and PXI signals
  • Forced-air cooling with 90-cfm fan
  • Front-mounted power switch
  • Universal 275W power supply provides: +3.3V @ 20A, +5V @ 20A, +12V @ 10A, -5V @ 1A, -12V @ 1A, +5Vsb @ 1.8A. Accepts 90-135/180-265V AC auto ranging, 47-63 Hz
  • Four-position 3U x 160-mm subrack holds three peripheral cards and one controller that expands to the left
  • Dimensions: 10 in x 7 in x 8.25 in (w x h x d)

    PDXI stands for "PowerDAQ eXtensions for Instrumentation," and it moves both the CompactPCI and PXI worlds steps ahead in terms of technical performance as well as commercial considerations. Indeed, thanks to PDXI, users of both CompactPCI and PXI systems now have an alternate supplier for all hardware and software elements needed to construct a total system. Further, we ship completely preconfigured systems so that new users simply unpack the box, apply power, enter OS reg- istration numbers and start collecting data. our PDXI family consists of a 4-slot controller manufactured exclusively for the firm, a CPU card that integrates a hard disk preinstalled with Windows or Linux, plus I/O cards based on the firm's proven PowerDAQ technology. The array of products from SuperLogics gives customers the convenience of 1-stop shopping thus avoiding any unanticipated com- patibility issues that might arise among products from different vendors due to the rapid pace of technological advance- ment. The CPU cards come with either Windows or Linux preinstalled. Key elements of the PDXI family include:

    * A 4-slot C-size chassis/CPU combo, PDXI-4
    * Embeded Pentium CPU, 256M bytes of RAM, 20 GB hard disk, IEEE-488 interface, Ethernet, universal power supply, Windows or Linux, plus support software for all PDXI I/O modules.
    * A wide range of I/O cards that mirror the firm's leading-edge PowerDAQ PCI cards, including:
    o Multifunction cards (with analog I/O and digital I/O)
    o Simultaneous-sampling cards (with as many as 8 sample and hold amps)
    o Analog outputs (as many as 32 D/As on one card)
    o Digital I/O (with as many as 128 points)

Detailed Data Sheet
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