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USB 500MHz 8-Channel Logic Analyzer & Pattern Generator with 1MB Buffer

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  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • 500 MHz sampling rate
  • 8 Channels
  • 1Meg Samples/Channel data buffer
  • 8-bit Pattern generator
  • Flexible trigger options
  • Extended capture time function
  • Variable input threshold
  • Variable pre-/post trigger buffer sizes
  • Digital logger capabilities
  • Runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Plugs to the PC USB port
  • High Speed (USB2.0) data transfer

    PC-Based Logic Analyzer with pattern generator

    The Annie-USB is an 8-channel PC-based logic analyzer with probably the highest specifications in its class. It can capture data at a maximum rate of 500MHz and has a buffer depth of up to 1 Mega-samples per channel. The Annie-USB can also be used as an 8-bit pattern generator!

    The package contains everything needed to do measurements:

    * The logic analyser main unit
    * CD with software, userís manual, etc.
    * Userís manual hardcopy.
    * Quality grabber clips, suitable for use on small outline surfacemount IC's
    * USB Cable

    As with all Janatek instruments, the main design goal in the development of the Annie-USB was to produce a high quality product, at an affordable price. Much care was taken to ensure that accurate measurements can be taken with the very best signal integrity. This ensures that the user can have full confidence in measurements while debugging digital hardware.

    The 500MHz maximum sampling rate provides a sampling resolution of 2 ns between data samples, allowing analysis of small time differences between signals.

    The huge 1 Meg samples per channel buffer depth enables the user to capture lower frequency signals at high sampling rates, without the loss of sampling resolution on higher frequency signals that are present. A large buffer on a logic analyzer is important. If the buffer is too small you will not be able to view high and low frequency signals simultaneously. To capture high frequencies you need a high sampling rate which fills a small buffer so quickly that very little of the low frequency signal is captured. If, however, you sample at a lower rate to get the low frequency, capture resolution is lost and the high frequency data becomes meaningless. Beware of buying a logic analyzer with a too small buffer!

    The Annie-USB connects to the PC via USB 2.0 in its high speed mode ensuring that the large amounts of captured data can be moved quickly to the PC for rapid display updates. Slow varying signals may be captured using the digital logger.

    The Annie-USB can change its functionality from a logic analyzer to become an 8-channel pattern generator. In this case it can, for example, be used to produce signals to simulate serial data streams or general control sequences to debug communications ports.

    The software is mature and presents the wide spectrum of features in an intuitive way, making it extremely easy to use. Setting a trigger condition, capturing data and navigating through it, is a pleasure. The data may be viewed, saved and printed in various useful formats.

    Easily capture the exact data you want to view.

    Edge triggering may be set to occur on a rising edge, falling edge, or change-of-state on any channel. Pattern (level) conditions are set by specifying a "1", "0" or "X" (don't care) condition on all channels. Combinations such as Edge OR Pattern, Edge AND Pattern, Edge THEN Pattern, Pattern THEN Edge, etc. may be set. Pattern durations may be set to trigger when shorter (glitch capture), or longer than a specified period.

    A "post trigger delay" function even allows the final data capture to be postponed by an accurate time after trigger detection. During continuous capture, the screen may be updated at regular intervals or when a trigger condition occurs.

    An external clock input allows synchronized capture on the clock's rising, falling edge, or both rising and falling, into a ring or straight buffer, starting from the first clock pulse or from a trigger condition.

    The Annie-USB comes with:
    8 quality SMD test clips with ground lead
    User's manual
    Software and documentation on CDROM
    USB cable

Program / Software Information
    The software for the instrument is intuitive, very easy to understand and gives the user one-button access to most of the Annie-USB's advances features. You could be taking meaningful measurements minutes after installing the software for the first time. The Annie-USB interfaces to the PC via the USB port. It utilizes USB-2 in its highest speed mode, but is also compatible with USB-1.1. No external power supply is required. The Annie-USB offers high performance, excellent value for money and ease-of-use.
    User-friendly software runs on Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7

    Download all available literature, manuals and software at:

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