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Strain Relief Assembly kit for Ines GPIB PCMCIA Cards.

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  • The TSRA1-GPIB is designed to strengthen the connection between the Ines GPIB PCMCIA card and the cable allowing a more rugged setup.
  • This model will effectively work for 25-pin Hirose type connectors (p/n:NX30TA-25PAA), used to mate with our Ines GPIB-PCMCIA type II cards. These same connectors are used to connect to a wide variety of PCMCIA cards. Therefore, the stiffener should work with any of them, as long as the PCMCIA card body is type II thickness. Test at your own risk.
  • Very useful for field work to protect the cable connector and the connection within the card itself.
  • May be used on other manufacturers' card and cable combinations, but we have not tested all possible combinations.
  • Current special offers this item with the Ines data acquisition (DAQ) cards and GPIB (HPIB or IEEE488.2) cards as well as the Elan DAQ and Communicaiton cards.

    For the TSRA1-GPIB, the following discounts will be manually applied to your order:

    10-24 5% discount
    25-49 10% discount
    50-99 15% discount
    100-499 20% discount
    500+ 25% discount

    NOTE: We consider orders above 49 pcs to be special orders and are not returnable without a 25% (minimum) restocking fee. We suggest that you order one or two sets for evaluation before committing to volume orders.

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