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8-port serial interface, modular, with/without optical isolation, 3.3V/5V

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  • *SPECIAL ORDER*1-2 weeks to shipping
  • PCIe-bus for the universal application in 3.3 V/5 V systems
  • RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA current loop (active, passive) with or without optical isolation
  • Modular structure with MX-modules
  • Each port (MX-module) with or without optical isolation
  • Free mode configuration
  • 128-byte FIFO buffer common interrupt
  • Automatic direction control for RS485
  • RTS/CTS handshake-signals at PS422 as option (MX422-PEP)
  • Transfer mode: Asynchronous, Full-, Half-Duplex
  • Transfer rate: Programmable up to 115.2 kBaud on request
  • Protocol: 5-, 6-, 7- or 8-bit character; 1, 1? or 2 stop bits
  • Parity: Even, odd, none, characters or blanks
  • Interrupt lines: Automatic through BIOS
  • Drivers for Windows 2k/XP/7/8/10), operation manual for Linux

    8-port serial interface, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL, modular mounting

    Extend your ports...
    ...either for parameterizing your devices or for cyclic data acquisition of measurement devices or sensors: The range of automatisation facilities with serial interface according to RS232-, RS422- and RS485-standard or 20 mA current loop is very extensive (barcode-scanner, magnet card reader, sensors, counter or tachometer modules, displays, CNC-machines, SPS etc.).
    The APCIE-7xxx series of ADDI-DATA allows you to implement either 1, 2, 4 or 8 modules on serial interface boards.
    The 8-port serial interface board APCIE-7800 will convince you with the following features:

    Universal board...
    ...with application facilities in 3.3 and 5 V PCI-systems.

    Free operating mode configuration...
    ...with the module concept that ADDI-DATA has developed especially for serial interface boards. 8 free module slots are on the base board of the APCIE-7800 which can be assembled according to your requirements. Hereto modules according to RS232-, RS422-, RS485-standard or 20 mA current loop (TTY) are available so that the hardware can be adapted according to the respective requirements.

    More speed...
    ...with baud rates up to 1 Mbaud (on request). The communication port supports the standard Windows baud rates. Additionally, the serial port has an bidirectional 128-byte FIFO-memory in order to guarantee reliable working results also at high data transfer without data loss.

    Industrial communication...
    ...with the connection to the peripheral with an industry standard 9-pin SUB-D-connector. High noise immunity is reached with an optional optical isolation of the module. EMC-protection like ESD-, burst - and - in the RS485 mode - short circuit protection, are also implemented on the module. Furthermore, the module is protected against fast transients and electrostatic discharge. To guarantee a safe mounting in harsh industrial environments, the module is screwed to the base board.

    Safety features
    ? SI modules with complete isolation available
    ? Protection against fast transients (Burst)
    ? Short-circuit protection for RS422 and RS485 through PTC
    ? Detection of false start bits
    ? Possibility of internal diagnostic break, parity, overrun and framing error

    MX-modules: Pick the desired modules and quantity in the "Accessories"
    MX232-G: RS232 mode with optical isolation
    MX232: RS232 mode
    MX422-G: RS422 mode with optical isolation
    MX422: RS422 mode
    MX422-PEP: RS422 mode with optical isolation, RTS/CTS handshake-signals
    MX485-G: RS485 mode with optical isolation
    MX485: RS485 mode
    MXTTY: 20 mA current loop mode (active, passive) with optical isolation

    Opt. Quarz: Up to 1 MBaud transfer rate for RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL

    ST7809: Shielded round cable, 78-pin Sub-D to 8 x 9-pin SUB-D
    ST7825: Shielded round cable, 78-pin Sub-D to 8 x 25-pin SUB-D

Program / Software Information
    Windows 2k/XP/7/8/10

    Fast and easy installation...
    ...with the supplied software with a lot of function tests and programming samples for C,... A 32-bit program for Windows XP/2000 detects automatically, which module is installed in which slot and indicates the occuppied resources.

    Manuals, software, data sheets, etc., are downloadable from:

Detailed Data Sheet
    Download APCIE-7800 Data Sheet

    You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.

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