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100MHz Quadrature Signal Generator
  • "SPECIAL ORDER" : Returnable only for warranty/repair
  • 10KHz to 100MHz (down to 1Hz optional)
  • 1 µHz steps
  • 1ppm accuracy and stability
  • Sine and TTL outputs
  • Multiple cards synchronization

    The TE5100 is a 100MHz Direct Digital Synthesized Signal Generator available in a 3U, CompactPCI or straight PCI format. The TE5100 generates Sine and ACMOS/TTL output signals simultaneously up to 100MHz in 1 µHz steps. Sweep, FSK, Chirp and Single Tone are generated on board. The virtual panel allows control up to 100MHz of all parameters. The TE5100 is equipped with a ±1ppm on-board TCXO clock and can accept an external clock source.

Program / Software Information
    The TE5100 supports Plug-and-Play operating systems. Using the Graphical User Interface, your TE5100 will be up and running within seconds of installation. Just point and click to perform all set-up and control functions. To further increase productivity and to automate set up and control procedures, the TE5100 is provided with a 32 bit DLL allowing users to easily customize drivers. Programming examples for most popular textual and graphical programming environments are provided. The software is compatible with Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP.

Detailed Data Sheet
    Download TE5100-PCI Data Sheet

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PDF Manual
    Download TE5100-PCI Manual

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Ordering Information
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    TE5100-PCI 100MHz Quadrature Signal Generator $ 2,195.00