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About Team Solutions, Inc.

Located in southern California, our mission is to provide customers with state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, PC-based, Test & Measurement, Data AcQuisition (DAQ), GPIB control, & process control instruments. Our products are offered in ISA, PCI, PCIe, PCMCIA, PC104, PCI104, PMC, LPT/parallel-port, PXI/cPCI (3U only), USB plug-in, and Ethernet/WAN/LAN/IP-controlled versions.

Team Solutions, Inc.

specializes in supplying computer-controlled, PC-based Test & Measurement, GPIB, Data AcQuisition, & Process Control solution-based instruments to industry, research, government, military & individual end-users. Our high-end, high-quality instruments are used by thousands of scientists, engineers, technicians & hobbyists world-wide. From R&D to manufacturing, & from component production to the aerospace industry, we provide solution-based instruments for your most demanding Test & Measurement, DAQ, GPIB Control, & Process Control requirements.

Our product lines Include:

  • CF & PCMCIA Communication cards
  • PCI-to-PCMCIA/CardBus adapters
  • PCIe-to-ExpressCard adapters
  • Protocol & Logic Analyzers, & Test Tools for SD/SDIO, eSPI, eMMC, etc.
  • 4 & 14-slot, PXI/cPCI enclosures
  • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) Control; ISA, PCI, PCIe, PC-104, PCI-104, PCMCIA/CardBus, PMC, PXI/cPCI, & USB
  • Analog & Digital I/O, Data Acquisition, & Process Control; ISA, PCMCIA, PCIe, PCI & PXI/cPCI
  • 5-1000 MS/S 2-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope w/2-40MHz AWG/Function Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Transient Recorder, & Voltmeter; PCI, PXI/cPCI, USB
  • 5-1000MS/S 4-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope w/ Spectrum Analyzer, Transient Recorder, & Voltmeter; USB
  • 100 (PXI) & 125 (PCI) MS/S AWG / Function Generator w/2M memory
  • 10KHz to 100MHz Quadrature, Sine, & TTL Signal Source; PCI & PXI/cPCI
  • 100MHz, 16 Channel, Logic Analyzer; USB & PXI/cPCI
  • 2-4GS/S, 17-136 Channel, Protocol & Logic Analyzer, up to 32G memory; USB
  • 200 MHz, 16 Channel, Pattern Generator; USB & PXI/cPCI
  • PXI/cPCI 3U Prototype boards & many more...